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Wonderland is a network of groundbreakers, innovators and dynamic entrepreneurs. In close cooperation with high potential startups & trailblazing corporates alike, we design, build & grow the digital business of tomorrow

Entrepreneurship in an age of digital transformation

15 years ago, Andrew S. Grove wrote about the disruption created by the globalisation and the development of a new technology called "the email". This invention forced companies to reinvent themselves. Only by becoming more responsive, organisations and employees would be able to survive.

Today we see the same narrative, but globalisation has been replaced with "digital transformation" and there are a lot of new technologies like that once, so magical, email. With Wonderland, we want to break the hypecycles. We believe that innovation is timeless.

Cultivating a mindset and an organisation in support of continuous new value creation is not only key to survival and competitiveness, but also to the fulfillment of people.

Let’s be brutally honest for a moment. A lot of innovation consultants never innovated anything. Many are renowned strategists with the ability to workshop a lot, without actually executing anything.

Then you have the true creatives, they can be hard to steer like an unguided missile, sometimes painting castles in the air without the proper foundation on a company's vision and current competences.

Practice beats theory

At Wonderland, we balance these both extremes. We believe that innovation is about smart and bold ideas, but also about getting them into the hands of paying customers through relentless execution.

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with us

1. A network of groundbreakers

We can assemble entrepreneurial teams for innovation projects of any type, at any time, at any scale.

Wonderland is a network of New School entrepreneurs. We collaborate with startup ecosystems in Belgium like iStart, Start-It @KBC, & ICAB-X. We are exchanging information with accelerators and startup studios in Barcelona, London and Amsterdam.

We are fine-tuning our own incubator named "MaverickX" in which we are building several software startups with some of the best entrepreneurial teams we know.

2. From inspiration to implementation

Yes, we like to walk the talk, do the dirty work, get on the street & launch that new product

Our ambition as a network is to become among the best in the world in "innovation execution". The innovation funnel goes from inspiration to ideation, creating concepts which you validate, over to finding traction channels and product or service optimization, to finally implementing an executable and scalable plan grounded on real-world evidence.

It's very hard to assemble the right expertise at every stage. As a network, we are able to help corporates and startups with just-in-time teaming, providing expertise and power to execute in any phase.

3. Both corporations & startups

Wonderland is a startup studio that builds digital companies & helps them grow.

The curious thing is, we do that with both startups and corporations! As a corporate, you want your people to take initiative. You want transversal cooperation, and place your customer in the centre. You need agile and iterative project approaches to stay ahead of the competition.

You want to be a sexy digital employer. Startups do most of these things naturally. They’ve built their company on top of a customer journey and created a fun and agile digital culture without thinking about it. They're able to hire the best and brightest for little pay. Culture change for corporates starts with fundamentally understanding that high-growth startup DNA.

Next comes an entire shopping list of best practices and competences that a corporate can adopt and develop to integrate startup innovation skills within a larger organisation. Organisation design can also help corporates become faster in experimenting and execution, deciding when to launch a few speedboats and when to throw in the ocean liner.

We make the bridge between both worlds, because we understand that both startups and corporates have a lot to learn and gain from each other.

4. Co-founding as a service

It's in our DNA, we are entrepreneurs for hire

The reason we started Wonderland is because we wanted to share our best work, helping others to make an impact and, together, build meaningful companies for the next generation. It's in our DNA: we are entrepreneurs for hire. No detailed requirement lists or an inability to leave the script.

Just tell us what your biggest challenges are today, tomorrow and in the future and we'll help you solve them. To do that, we bring our extensive network, proven methodologies, years of expertise and a lot of energy.

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Hanne De Kesel
As an excellent communicator, Hanne guides new partners and clients to Wonderland, ensuring customer success and building trust. If you want to know more about Wonderland and the different services we offer, give him a call!