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Wonderland organizes innovation hackathon

The corporate innovation lab

Wonderlabs is a "meet-learn-make" open innovation & co-creation programme for corporates, focused on new business models & exponential technologies (The internet of things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, to name a few).

For each edition, we make a defined selection of companies, all from different industries, to send three high potential employees to this hackathon. During 6 days, they work with hands-on innovation methods, guided by our industry - experts, some high potential startups & more innovation guru's.

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Students in their final year of education are on a major crossroad in their lives.

Wonderland, building meaningful companies.

They plant the seeds for generations to come.

Wonderland is a network driven by the believe that the power of entrepreneurship can change the world. Everything around us has been created by those who had the confidence and courage to act.

They see solutions where others see problems. They feel the obligation to share their best work with the world. Entrepreneurs are the lifestream of our society and economy. They are the ones who make things happen. They plant the seeds for generations to come.

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Wonderland is a startup studio that builds digital companies & helps them grow.