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With MaverickX, we are on a mission to cofound 10 meaningful companies for the next generation by 2020. The startups we work with get a 50.000 EUR investment and a seat in our office. We start with ideation and go on as we validate concepts, build MVPs and set up an organisation for growth.

The goal is to welcome the first 10 (B2B) or first 100 (B2C) paying customers together.

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A network with impact

Entrepreneurs who work with MaverickX plug into a network of designers, engineers and economists specialized in company building and achieving profitable growth. They share their best practices, strengthen each other's skills and challenge upcoming ideas and products. MaverickX stands for creating tangible impact. When we checked figures for the last time:

15 new jobs have been created and 4 new platforms were made. One startup made cooperation management easier, the other focuses on design challenges. Not to mention Onak, that developed a canoe that can be deployed in less than 10 minutes, or Dimension 4, surfing on the 3D-wave by developing amazing integration technology.

MaverickX matches entrepreneurs & makers with investors and beloved enthusiasts.
unravel meaningful problems
assemble a team of world class change makers
build a sustainable company

A community with a story

Bart De Vlieger

Kurt Janssens

Bert Van Wassenhove

Nikolas Taillieu

Jens Mostaert

Otto Van De Steene

Thomas Weyn

Davino Van Hal

Nele Braux

Jan Willems

Timothy Helmer

Timothy Macken

Sofie Vandenhende

Simon De Smet

Hanne De Kesel

Maarten Tak

Wim Bijnens

Jan Van Den Bleeken

Bert Vandenbuerie

Vincent Diercxsens

Valentijn Destoop

Dominique Laane

Kaat De Brand

Co-create your startup
with Maverickx
Davino Van Hal
Both with experience in corporate settings as in running his own SME, Davino is your go-to-guy if you need a team lead with a cofounder mindset. If you’re eager to kickstart your venture with Wonderland, meet him at the Yoga studio or contact him if you’re eager to kickstart your venture in close cooperation with Wonderland!