The machine that builds the machines

On the annual shareholder meeting of 2016 (part 2), Elon Musk told his shareholders that true innovation at Tesla could be realised in "the machine that builds the machine". To develop innovation capabilities, you need the right people, mindset, processes and objectives.

Building capabilities is about changing the culture. A creative confidence to rethink the old and propose the new.

Culture change

Many companies are organised in departments which act as units that pursue their own objectives in line with the company's strategy. What started as a crystal clear vision at the top sometimes ends us as a rather feeble action in the field. As the Innovator's Dilemma beautifully explains, good management sometimes prohibits innovation in the way companies work.

The valorisation of a new technology or business model outside of &squot;business as usual&squot; is considered risky and often of low value when compared to the core. You want your people to take initiative, but they do not see how.

We help startups scale like corporates. And corporates start like startups

What if you redesign your thinking, and put the customer in the centre instead of the company department? When you explore customer journeys, transversal ideas come naturally. When the debate is about creating real value for the customer, silo's tend to shatter and collaborations to form.

Put the customer at the centre of your thinking
Inject design thinking & agile methods in your innovation projects
Communicate success stories across the organisation

A selection of our clients


Setting up a

ICAB-X is an acceleration programme for technological scale-ups located in Brussels. The programme offers best-in-class coaches, VC exposure, access to high-value networks & helps every scale-up succeed on its own merits.


Creating a digital
experience centre

Wonderland collaborated with PWC to create a digital innovation experience centre. This innovation room acts like a gateway to new exponential technologies and creates the ultimate environment for the sprout of new ideas, partnerships & culture change.

De Loods

Establishing a new
innovation hub

With "De Loods", Kortrijk wants to counter the brain drain & low rate of starters in the region. The community inspires & supports entrepreneurship & innovation by providing network facilities, hiring co-working spaces and creating open innovation projects.

Valentijn Destoop
With 10 years of experience as UX-expert, by lecturing at several universities and by co-founding Wonderland, Valentijn created tons of experience to contribute to the transformation of your organisation. Want to know more about design thinking? Drop him a line. Wonderland provides the team to make it happen!