We design, build and grow businesses for startups & corporations

We like to co-pilot your venture from idea - to concept - to execution. We like to say that the key to win the race from other innovators, is good communication at the pit stop: providing fuel, fresh tires & a candy bar for the pilots.

A selection of our startups


Unfold your getaway

Onak’s first product is an origami foldable canoe that unfolds in less than 10 minutes, making it revolutionary in the market.

Onak is scaling as a modern outdoor company, creating products using state-of-the-art materials and always with the biggest respect for nature. Leveraging digital technology to increase customer intimacy and engaging large communities is key to their growth.


Your design challenges, solved by the best creatives

Elite is a premium platform that houses top international designers and offers clients a professional creative director as a project manager for their design challenges.

After one sprint, customers get three design proposals and extensive tailored guiding to make sure all needs are met.


Build your rocket ship

Tribe is the first tool you need, to start and manage your company or organisation.

It helps you setup, cooperate with shareholders, improve decision making, and minimize administrative workflow so you can focus on what truly matters: taking that rocket ship to Mars.

These companies are innovating with us:
An entrepreneur is someone who jumps of a cliff and builds a plane on his way down
- Reid Hoffman

Our startup methodology

We Design Businesses

1. Strategy

We are New School strategists

We stand by the Pareto principle but not the 5 year plan. Speed and simplicity are arguments in every decision we make.

We co-create clear innovation strategies on the intersection of technology scans, trend analysis,, service models and your business objectives - helping you decide whether to skip, make, buy or partner.

2. Validation

It is hard to build something people actually want.
Therefore, we involve users in every development stage, both on B2C and B2B products.

This is early stage innovation, before you have traction in the market, where wild ideas become concepts & where testable prototypes are created.
Here you have a growing base of first customers/users. It is time to refine your go-to-market strategy and build an organisation ready to grow.
New customers/users are coming in just as fast as you can serve them. Here you have to work on your team, you will need a lot of talent and resources to meet demand.

3. Build

While building your new business, we work towards milestones along the axes of 4 domains: product, growth, structure and team. This, because you need more than three snazzy engineers and a fridge filled with Red Bull to build an IT platform.

Every company needs a clearly defined product, a go-to-market plan, enough resources & the best players making up the team.

4. Growth Acceleration

To support companies that have reached product-market fit, Wonderland can provide expertise in both B2C (digital marketing and growth hacking) and B2B (sales agents, sales operations, sales management). We can help you build a repeatable and scalable growth engine. Just ask ONAK and D4.

and assist you in your sales efforts. We scale along with your business objectives at every development stage of your product.

We gear up, we put more people on the game, more resources, more energy.

Risk vs Value

Build your new business
with Wonderland
Davino Van Hal
Both with experience in corporate settings as in running his own SME, Davino is your go-to-guy if you need a team lead with a cofounder mindset. If you’re eager to kickstart your venture with Wonderland, meet him at the Yoga studio or contact him if you’re eager to kickstart your venture in close cooperation with Wonderland!